DIY Patriotic Rag Flag

Who doesn’t love a Patriotic DIY!?

I know I DO!

Decorating my house for the 4th is one of my favorite things to do! Nothing says summer more than seeing flags everywhere! Where we live it seems like winter never wants to end, so when spring and summer arrive we are jumping for joy!


Here is the supplies you’ll need to complete this rag flag!

Wooden Slat

Scrap Ribbon & Fabric. Choose as many as you’d like! You want to keep them in red and white colors, to represent the stripes on an actual flag.

Wooden Stars

Paint in White & Blue

Dark Wax (optional)

Glue Gun

Jute Twine

Drill & Bit (for holes in the wood)

I got most of my supplies from Walmart & Hobby Lobby.

That is all you need!

It is super easy and super cute!

First you need to cut your strips, making sure you have plenty to fill your piece of wood. You want it to be full looking!

Drill your holes in the wood, you’ll add twine later.

Next paint your board blue and your stars white, attach the stars once the blue is dry. You can now add the brown wax over to give it an aged look, this is optional.

Next glue your strips of fabric with a glue gun to the opposite side of the wood.

Then add your twine hanger.

I do have a step by step video you can see here! It is easy to follow!

Here is the final result! How CUTE is this?!?!?

I’m in love the way this turned out, it is going to be hanging on my porch! I just LOVE anything Patriotic! I have so many more Patriotic DIY’s coming, be sure to come back and check them out!

Hope you enjoy this project as much as I do!


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Pay It Forward 2013

The first 5 people to comment on this post stating they would like to join in in Pay It Forward 2013 will receive something from me sometime this year.

Rules Are Simple:

Rule one is: 
This is open to USA only.
Sorry =(

Rule two is: 
The 5 people to request to be included must make the same offer to 5 people on their blog.

Rule Three: 
You must follow through with your end of the deal….
It is always better to give than to receive! 
You must pay it forward to 5 other people.  

If you would like to be one of my 5 to pay it forward to please leave a comment below.  
I will contact you for your address!


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Organizing Ideas For The New Year

One Creative Housewife: Time To Get Organized
One Creative Housewife

We all wish our offices or even house could look this organized…..I doubt mine ever will lol!
I compiled a bunch of my favorite organization ideas from Pinterest & the web to share with you all!
Make your own makeup magnetic board.. You can also use decorative paper as a backdrop.
convert an old file cabinet into a rolling storage bin
Large work table - two hollow core doors ($25 ea.), 4 Walmart book cases ($16 ea.)  Very smart! SEWING/CRAFT TABLE? I really might have to do this for my craft room.
Re-use CD spindles for ribbon storage. Genius!
Peg board
uber awesome family binder details
These Home Organization Binders Are Awesome!
Here are links to a few that I liked and plan to combine a bunch of the ideas all into one binder! 

cd storage tower on its side.
Tidy crafting area with baskets, binders & magazine organizers
32 of the best organizing tips brought to you by Laurie at Tip Junkie.  She truly has some cute ideas!

Last But Not Least….
Pin now. Read later.   This blog has tons of excellent tips on how to de-clutter one's life.
Well there now you have some ideas to start with! 
I am working on my organization binder now..
I will share pics when I finish! 
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New Year’s Resolution, Word Of The Year 2013

New Year’s Resolutions…’s just too easy to set unrealistic goals and expectations and never meet them. We expect that by giving our unmet expectations and goals a new name…..Resolutions……we somehow think that they’ll miraculously be accomplished. How many people make New Year’s resolutions only to forget about them by March, or even sooner. Instead of writing a list of resolutions this year,  I have chose a word of the year and it is ” PROGRESS”!  This year, I just want to see progress… move forward, to have a steady improvement in my life. I may not get to my whole list of things I want to accomplish, but I will make progress in all areas I can.  I have lots of things I want to change and improve..  I am going to be realistic in knowing that I will not be able to accomplish them all..LIFE happens and we have to change routines and commit to other things and we can not always balance everything…..but I can attempt to change the things I can and do the things I want to do, and be the person I want to be… one step at a time, in a slow and steady PROGRESS!
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Hello Everyone!!
We finally found a place and moved in last weekend!!
I have been working hard getting unpacked and settled.
It is such a pain and a lot of work!
I am hoping to be settled with-in the next week or so,
I miss blogging and crafting and my forum girls!!
When you move it flips your whole life upside down!!

I will be spending today painting the kitchen and bathrooms
and cooking a small dinner and relaxing!
I hope you all have a wonderful day today!!
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Quotes And Creations

Good Morning!

I have been busy looking for a place to live,
and doing a little creating! They seem to take up most of my days!

I LOVE quotes and funny little pictures,
so I thought I would share a few!
Most are from Pinterest (of course) &
a few are from other places on the net!


All are true and some just for fun!

I have been doing a little crafting, here
are some things I have made!

Fabric Covered Box w Stencil Design On Top

Hand Painted Box w Old Label 

I made a bunch more of these little peat pots,
I had an order for ones with different sayings on them.

They came out cute! I hope she likes them! =)

Well until next time, Enjoy your Sunday!

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Valentines Creations

Hello Blog Land!

I wanted to share some of my newest creations!
I did a couple of Valentines Creations:

Valentines Game Board-w- Scrabble Letters

Valentines Hanging Heart

I have more to come, and I ordered some supplies
today for more things I want to create!!
Now, its just waiting on the mail!

I also found a new Blog today that offers wonderful
link parties!

So if you have a shop or a blog stop by become a follower and link up!

Link parties are a great way to get exposure to your shop or blogs
it is also a great way to find new blogs and share ideas!
So come join the fun!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful night!


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