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11 Vintage & Rustic Spring Decor Ideas

I LOVE Spring, it is my favorite season. Everything comes back to life, days get longer, it is a beautiful refresh after a long winter. This is usually when I give my house a refresh too! It is when I do some deep cleaning inside and out of my home. It is also when I like changing out decor, maybe painting walls or pieces of furniture and just bringing a bright a fresh look back to my home! If you know me, you know I love thrifting, yard sales and flea markets and these always start back up in Spring also!! It is also the time of ear everyone else is cleaning up, which mean CURB SIDE TREASURES!! YAY!! This is when I am able to hunt for new vintage and rustic finds for my home. Well, I jumped on Pinterest to get some inspiration and find some ideas for things I could be looking for while I am out hunting! Since I was searching anyway, I thought I would show you some of the AMAZING ideas I saw that really caught my attention and a couple that I have already completed! Follow along thought these 11 Vintage & Rustic Spring Decor Ideas!

You can find the source to each under each picture, just click on the word below each picture!

First, I found this amazing idea using a rusty metal basket, filled with eggs and baby’s breath! Such a super simple idea, yet it turned out so beautifully!

Purely Katie

Second, is this old sugar mold filled with eggs! I love how simple it is! I also happed to find a sugar mold recently and I will be attempting to make this! Mine is slightly smaller, but I think it will work just fine!

Rustic Crafts

Third, this is my own idea! I found a rustic style crate at a thrift store and gave it a makeover and added a bunch of rustic items I had in my stash. It turned out so perfectly and made the perfect centerpieces for my table! Even my hubby liked it…YAY!

Creating Through Chaos

Fourth, is this AMAZING spring vignette. I absolutely love it! Itis just an old box filled with all things spring and that scoop is in my opinion, perfect!

Sweet Magnolia Farm

Fifth, is this chippy bunny sitting in the biggest chippy planter with some moss growing on it. They also filled it with some greenery and even some old spindles!! It is too adorable!


Sixth, this one is something that could possibly be done if you followed my tutorial for the jumping bunny, I made using the Dollar Tree bunny! Which why I added it, maybe you or I could recreate it!! It is just too cute not to try!

From My Porch To Yours

Seventh, is a tablescape that I just adore. It is created using so many beautiful pieces and neutral colors. The whole scene is just beautiful, even the chippy window and shelf in the background!

The Ponds Farmhouse

Eighth, is a small arrangement using an old metal picnic style basket. I have seen these a bunch of ties when I have been out thrifting or at a flea market and I never give them a second look…now I will! What a simple and cute idea, that just came together!

Common Ground

Ninth, I think this one is one of my favorites in this list! I have a love for all things vintage and this has that!! Vintage Easter is just so hard to pass up!! It is all displayed so perfectly on this vintage secretary desk too, which truly makes my heart skip a beat!! Everything about this is PERFECT! I can only hope I can build a collection like this in my travels!

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Tenth, is a simple and yet gorgeous rustic spring display. Simply some books, pots and a vase of florals and a little chippy birdie that totally capture spring in a less is more way! Spring perfection!

Janet Clark At Home

Finally, is my little thrift store basket makeover! I found this little basket brought it home and gave it some love then filled it with some spring and rustic pieces and it has found a new life!!

Creating Through Chaos

These are just some of the AMAZING ideas I found in just few minutes on Pinterest! Truly I could add hundreds more ideas to this post ha-ha! I just would never get it posted because I would just be writing forever!! I hope you enjoyed these 11 Vintage & Rustic Spring Decor Ideas! These ideas are mostly easy to recreate and inexpensive too! Don’t be afraid to use things you have around your house and grouping them together in different ways. You can also use things found for free in nature, sticks, nests, pinecones old pieces of wood etc. I think those are the best items to use! This list also gives ideas of what to look for when you do head out treasure hunting, and many of the items can be used for other seasons and holidays as well! I am always hunting for things like old bowls, containers, trays etc… these items can be used reused!

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