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40 Upcycled Garden Ideas

It’s that time of year again! It’s finally spring! Yay!
That means it’s time for some new upcycled and recycled garden ideas.
Check out these super creative, unique, and beautiful ways to decorate your
outdoor landscape and create some fun, by using salvaged and repurposed materials into your yard and garden. I found 40 Upcycled Garden Ideas, that I juts loved!! I could find 1,000’s more!

They are all so fun and give a WOW factor!

Kitchen Garden Ideas

Some fantastic ideas using old kitchen items!

Sources : Colander, Kitchen Sink, Flour Sifter, Tea Pot!

Old Toys

Old toys make amazing planters, look how stinkin’ cute these are!! Loving the old Tonka trucks as planters, I am going to see if I can find my kids old ones!!

Sources; Tonka Truck, Two Yellow Trucks, Water Table Planter, Solar Trucks!

Old Chairs

WOW, is all I can say about these chair planters! They are all so pretty and unique!

Sources; White Birdhouse Chair, White Chair-Flag, Succulent Chair, Turquoise Chair!

Recycled/Upcycled Tires

Who knew tires could look so AMAZING??!! I did not! These are sooo awesome, such a great way to recycle old tires! I have a few tires lying around, I need to get to work doing something with them!

Sources; Lady Bug, Tea Cup, Turquoise Tire, Tire Wreath!

Tree Stumps

Don’t grind down that tree stump! Keep that and turn it into something amazing for your yard!

Sources; Big Stump, Bird House Stump, Bucket Stump, Fairy Garden Stump!

Tin Can Planters!

I personally have a love for upcycled can projects, there is just SO many ways to use them! These are all AWESOME, I love them all! I may have to try a couple of these ideas myself.

Sources; Rainbow Garden Cans, Polka Dot Cans, Decoupaged Cans, Seed Art Cans!

Old Bikes

AMAZING, all of these are just amazing!! I love old bikes and to add them to your yard or garden is just such a great idea! LOVE the mailbox idea, that is just the cutest thing ever!

Sources; Mailbox Bike, Turquoise Bike, Red Bike, Rusty Bike!

Shoe Planters

Shoes and boots as planters, what a great idea!! These are all so adorable in their own ways!! Love these ideas!

Sources; Work Boot, Yellow Rainboot, Cowboy Boot, Rubber Boots On Fence!

Tool Box Planters

I LOVE old tool boxes!! The first two pictures are actually my own toolbox planters! I adore the house number one, such a cute idea! I may have to make one like that!

Sources; My Tool Box 1, My Tool Box 2, House Number Tool Box, Hanging Tool Box!

Old Windows & Doors

Old windows and doors are another one of my favorite things. I have a few windows hanging inside my house, it may be time to add a few outside also! I am really loving the greenhouse made from windows. The door patio is awesome, like your own little secret nook!

Sources; Galvanized Bucket, Window Greenhouse, Door Patio, Decorative Garden Door!

I really hope you enjoyed all of these AMAZING 40 Upcycled Garden Ideas! I hope you found some inspiration for your own yard and garden!! I know I did! Which ones are your favorite?

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  1. Julie Speaker says:

    I’ve always loved the bicycles decorated with flowers in the yard! Maybe one day!!

  2. Maribel Quiles says:

    Send me your new crafts.

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