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A Thrift Store Re-Do

A thrift store re-do.

Thrift store shopping is one of my favorite things to do!

Sometimes you find things that could just use a little love to bring them back to life.

I found the above flower wall pocket and saw it’s potential, little paint and some flower and it could be AMAZING!

It was only $2.00, I couldn’t pass that up! So I bought it and got to work giving it a new life!

Here is the transformation! It has a whole new look!

Amazing what a little paint can accomplish, it can take a piece that would have been trash to a beautiful treasure!

A successful project!

I have a video on Facebook showing exactly what I did, you can find that here!

Be sure to check out the video, maybe it will inspire you to do you own thrift store re-do!

You can find some of my other projects in the links below!

Hope you enjoyed this makeover! Please feel free to stop by my Facebook page for more projects! You can find my Facebook page here!


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