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Creating Through Chaos

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About Us

Hello Everyone!

I’m Janice the owner of Creating Through Chaos! I thought I would introduce myself and let you know a little bit about the person behind all these projects and posts!

So here we go…sorry I may have gotten a bit carried away! 😋

I have a degree in Business Management, but my passion is creating! I clean houses for myself as a day job, but I am looking to turn my passion into a career. I love my day job, but as I get older the less and less my body likes it….I know many of you can relate to that! Haha

I live in a small city in New England, we have all 4 seasons and some of the most beautiful mountains and beaches. It’s amazing to live in a place where you are an hour from the mountains or an hour to the beach! I have lived in New England my whole life, and honestly don’t see myself ever leaving!

I’m a coffee drinking, sarcastic, witty and creative Mom of 5 boys, 3 biological and 2 step, they range in ages from 23-11! With that amount of boys you have to have a sense of humor and a whole lot of coffee haha!! I also recently became a Grandmother to one handsome little boy! Being a Grandmother has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! A love like I have never felt before! There is never a dull moment in my house, it’s full of chaos. Hence the name of my business, I am always Creating Through Chaos!

I have had a love for creating since I was a little girl. I always have a project going, usually several. When I am not creating, you will find me shopping thrift stores, antique shops and crafting stores looking for my next project! I have learned that shopping for supplies and thrift store remakes is another whole hobby in itself lol! Some of my favorite projects are taking something old and giving it a new life! I like creating and decorating on a budget, I don’t think it should cost a lot to make and have beautiful things! I also love teaching people how to create these things for their homes!

Hope you enjoy my page and hopefully make a few of the projects I share! I LOVE when I get a message from someone showing me they made one of the projects I shared, it makes my day! Thank you all for being here and taking the time to like, share and comment on my posts, it really means the world to me!

If you have a questions feel free to ask!


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**Picture is of my oldest son and myself**