Hello Everyone!

I’m Janice the owner of Creating Through Chaos!

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First, I thought I would introduce myself and let you know a little bit about the person behind all these projects and posts!

So here we go…sorry I may have gotten a bit carried away! 😋

I have a degree in Business Management, I have about 2 years of into a Bachelors Degree in Marketing with a minor in Social Media, I LOVE business and all aspects of it and LOVE teaching it to others. My true  passion is creating, crafting, DIY’S. It is what I live for everyday! I truly love teaching others that as well! I wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid, now I get to teach and create at the same time! I used clean houses for myself as a day job, I ran my own cleaning business for about 10 years, but I was looking to turn my passion into a career. I loved my cleaning business, but as I got older the less and less my body liked it….I know many of you can relate to that lol! I was doing post construction cleaning and regular home cleans and it just started to take a toll on my body. I worked extra hard at my creative business at night, while cleaning houses during the day, so that one day I wouldn’t have to clean houses anymore!  That dream FINALLY came true! It was exhausting and it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! 

I live in a small city in New England, we have all 4 seasons here and some of the most beautiful mountains and beaches. It’s amazing to live in a place where you are an hour from the mountains or an hour to the beach! One thing I love about New England is it’s rich history and old architecture. I have lived in New England my whole life, and honestly don’t see myself ever leaving!

As for me and wo I am….I’m a coffee drinking, sarcastic, witty and creative Mom of 5 boys, 3 biological and 2 step, they range in ages from 24-13! With that amount of boys you have to have a sense of humor and a whole lot of coffee haha!! I also am Grandmother to one handsome little boy! Being a Grandmother has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! A love like I have never felt before! There is never a dull moment in my house, it’s full of chaos. Hence the name of my business, I am always Creating Through Chaos!

I have had a love for creating since I was a little girl. I always have a project going, usually several. When I am not creating, you will find me shopping thrift stores, antique shops and crafting stores looking for my next project! I have learned that shopping for supplies and thrift store remakes is another whole hobby in itself lol! Some of my favorite projects are taking something old and giving it a new life! I like creating and decorating on a budget, I don’t think it should cost a lot to make and have beautiful things! 

Hope you enjoy my blog and hopefully you’ll make a few of the projects I share! I LOVE when I get a message from someone showing me they made one of the projects I shared, it makes my day! Thank you all for being here and taking the time to like, share and comment on my posts, it really means the world to me! I truly consider you all my friends and you make my world a brighter pace to be!

If you have a questions feel free to ask!


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**Picture is of my oldest son and myself**