Hi I am Janice, and I am a crafting addict!
Except I don’t want any treatment LOL!!
I have been crafting like CRAZY the last few weeks.
I am trying to get my booth all filled up
and ready for Fall/Halloween.
That way I can give myself
plenty of time for Christmas creating!
I know it seems kind of far off, but it will be here before we know it!!
Here is some of the goodies I have been making:
 These pumpkins are made from 1×3’s
These pumpkins are made from 2×4’s
Americana Star Stack
A rug I painted
These are just a few of the things I have brought to the booth.
I am going there on Wed. to do some
rearranging and tweaking and some decorating
for fall hopefully it will come out good!
I will be sure to share pics!
I still have a TON of unfinished stuff I need to get working on
Here is a picture of some of my stash
Lots n Lots of Trash To Treasure Stuff!
I sometimes wish I had a partner who was willing to help.
It is hard to find someone who is willing to give a hand.
I have actually been looking into opening my own shop!
My Mother mentioned it to me the other day
and offered her help, financially and physically!!
How can I turn that down???
So, I have been writing up a business plan and
looking into ideas and options.
I don’t want to just jump into something like that it is a
BIG step, and I don’t want to mess it up!
I want to do something similar to renting space to
other crafters and maybe antique dealers.
Charging a monthly fee, no consignments.
Anyone Have Any Ideas or Suggestions?
Maybe some real life experience you can share?
The do’s and don’ts?
I would love to hear it all…
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!
Thank You

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3 Replies to “Creations”

  1. Wow Jan, you have been busy!
    It looks like you have a lot more to do!!! Keep pushing on.
    Don't forget to show pics of your booth.
    Congrats to you if you open a store. Thats my dream ~ I started by starting a website. Now I rent a space at a store. I've been doing that since April, it's kinda depressing paying all that rent and making very little money. The store makes more than I do. My next step is facebook. I'm trying to get a customer base. It takes along time.
    I feel like you sometimes I'm overwhelmed, I always ask for help but don't get it. I also feel there's not enough time in a day.
    Today I worked my butt off and feel like I didn't get any where.
    Hope you have better luck than I do.
    Good Luck!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Hi Jan,

    Just wanted to offer a little advice, I had a shop of my own about 7 yrs. ago.

    The advice, find a partner to open the store with, you will spend every minute of your time there if you don't. Your life will become the store and the store will become your life. Mine got to the point of feeling like a burden and therefore took the enjoyment out of owning my own business.

    Another option is doing a co-op with fellow artists, ie, they share the expenses, hours etc.

    Good luck with your endeavor!

  3. It's a good thing you like to craft… WOW girl, that's a lot of handmades you've been working on! I love it all!

    If I lived close to you, I would so be willing to help… only my to do pile looks a lot like yours, lol! Maybe we could work together and motivate each other, haha.

    That's so awesome that your mom wants to back you financially and physically for a shop! I would definitely say go for it!! I always said if I ever got the chance to open up a shop, I would do like you said… rent out space, charge a monthly fee. Wish I had some good advice for you, I don't. But I do wish you all the best in this new adventure!!

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