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Candle Sconce Makeover

When I came across these wooden candle sconces I knew I wanted them, but that I would be turning them into something of my own. While they’re beautiful the way they came, I knew I wanted to add some of my own flair to them! I hope you follow along with this Candle Sconce Makeover and get excited to give your own a try!


Wooden Candle Sconces
Chalk Paint
Rub On Transfers – Dollar Tree 

First, I painted both of the sconces with white chalk paint.

Second, I lightly sanded all around the edges of both sconces as well as around the candle holders themselves. I like this worn used look.

Finally, I chose which of the rub on transfers I wanted to use and placed those on each of the sconces at the top.

Here they are all finished, how do you think they turned out? I absolutely love the new look just a little paint gave to them. Plain wood is beautiful, but I like a little lightness with my sconces! I hope you loved this Candle Sconce Makeover enough to give one a try too! I think they are perfect for Spring time coming!

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