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Christmas In July Round Up

Hello Everyone! We have had so much fun doing our Christmas In July that I thought I would do a Christmas In July Round Up. I wanted to have all our fun projects in one place to be able to find them faster! Scroll through, tell me which is your favorite! =)

#1 Snowman Splatter Screen

This is such a cute and easy craft, ALL supplies from Dollar Tree! The video link is here!

#2 Snowman Spoons

I LOVE these, so adorable and so EASY to make! Another great Dollar Tree craft!!

The DIY video can be found here!

#3 Reverse Canvas Wood Slice Tree

This project is so simple and elegant! Did I mention EASY!! You can find the DIY video here!

#4 Gingerbread Strainer

How adorable is he?!? I LOVE it! Step by Step directions found here!

#5 Snowman Keys

How cute are these upcycled keys?! Oh I love them! You can find the DIY video here!

#6 Snowman Pallet

This little guy is so adorable, I LOVE how he turned out! Here is the DIY for him here!

#7 Dollar Tree Sign Up-Cycle

This little sign is so full of bling, it is so cute! The DIY can be found here!

#8 Reindeer Reverse Canvas

This Reindeer Canvas is another AMAZING Dollar Tree projects, that turns out so much better than you thought! The link to this can be found here!

#9 Dollar Tree JOY Rug

This rug is just a plain ole’ Dollar Tree rug that I painted and made look AMAZING for Christmas! It was so easy and costs a whole $1!! You can find the video link here!

#10 Dollar Tree Wood Stem Christmas Tree

Here is another SUPER cute Dollar Tree project! Again almost everything is from Dollar Tree, total cost about $2.50!! You can find the video here!

#11 Wooden Christmas Tree House!

I am totally loving these little wooden houses from Michaels for $1.00! So many possibilities! This one is decked out for Christmas, and so CUTE!! The link for this project is here!

#12 Santa Paint Brush!

Last but not least! This Santa Paint brush, I mean could this guy be any cuter!? I love him! This little guy is also made from almost all Dollar Tree Supplies!! The DIY to him can be found here!

Well that is all for our Christmas in July Round Up! Can we agree that they are ALL just AWESOME projects! Can we also agree that Dollar Tree is AMAZING!!

I hope you all enjoyed these projects and that at least one or two or all inspired you to make one of your own! Let me know which is your favorite! I would love to hear from you! =)

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