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Clay Pot Bumble Bee

Do we have any bee lovers here? I love bees, they are just so cute, well as long as it isn’t buzzing around me! Haha! I have been making a bunch of lemon DIY’s you can find some here and here, so I thought I would make something bee related! So I figured why not make a clay pot bumble bee!


Small Clay Pot – I think mine is a 3 inch. You can use any size you choose.

Large round wooden bead/ball. Mine is from a package of 4 at Hobby Lobby.

Dollar Tree cookie sheet, the aluminum disposable ones.

Acrylic paints – Black, Yellow & White

Ribbon, I used black and white buffalo check.


Drill with small drill bit

First thing I did was drill two small holes in the top of the wooden ball.

Second, I drew a tear drop on some paper to use as a pattern for his wings.

Next I cut 4 of those out of the cookie sheets.

Paint all your pieces, the wooden ball will be black, clay pot will be yellow and the wings white.

After your clay pot is dry, paint black horizontal stripes on the pot. The size of your pot will depend how many stripes you can do and how thick you make them. This part is up to you.

Next, glue your wooden ball on to the pot. I used gorilla glue for this. I also cut small pieces of wire and twisted them around a pencil to make them curly, then glued them into the holes I had drilled in the head earlier.

Once that dried, I took a piece of chalk and drew a head on the front of the wooden ball, paint that area yellow.

Our little bumble bee is coming together!

For this part, take two wings and glue them overlapping repeat for other set of wings, then glue both sets together. See above photos for what it should look like.

Glue the wings to the back of the pot right below his head.

I also took a paint brush end and some black paint and dotted on two small eyes.

Finally I made a small bow and glued it in between the pot and wooden ball.

We are DONE with our little bee! How easy and FUN was he?!

How adorable is this little guy?! Ahhhh, I love him!! He would look AMAZING in a tiered tray!!

I hope you enjoyed this Clay Pot Bumble Bee DIY! Will you be making one?

If you enjoyed this DIY, check out below for MANY more DIY’s!!

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  1. Michelle M Milner says:

    What size is the wood ball you used ?

    1. Let me know when you get an answer I would like to know what size ball too it looks bigger than the ones I’ve seen in some craft stores

  2. Adorable! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. That is adorable! I love it. Thank you so much for sharing! He is definitely going on my To Do list.

  4. Sharon Dunphy says:

    Hi there. I’m love watching your videos. I’m just wondering if you make any clay pot people?

  5. Christine Green says:

    Oh my! He is just the cutest little bee ever. Love him.

  6. He is the bees knees. I will be making one of my own

  7. Debra Brazil says:

    Sooo cute. He’s on my list of to dos..
    THANKs FOR for sharing.

  8. I want to make a tiered tray with Bee items. He’s perfect. Thank you.

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