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DIY Acorn Decor

Fall is one of my absolute favorite seasons! I love the cooler temps and the changing, falling leaves and acorns! This DIY Acorn Decor was such a simple yet fun project to put together I hope you give one a try for yourself!


Wooden Bowl – Thrift Store 
2 Liter Bottle 
Fabric – I used wool
Wood Stem
Low Temp Glue Gun –

Be sure to use a low temp glue gun, otherwise you could melt the plastic

First, I cut the top off of the two liter bottle. I then covered the bottle with the fabric I chose and secured it with hot glue. I was sure to use a low temp hot glue gun, otherwise it would have melted the plastic.

Second, I hot glued the ends all together on the bottom of the bottle.

Finally, I hot glued the wooden stem on the bottom of the bowl in the center creating the top of the acorn. I then set it onto the top of the fabric covered bottle.

Here it is all finished, what do you think of how it came out? I think this is one of my favorite acorns I’ve made. It just makes me think of fall and warmth to look at it. This DIY Acorn Decor was so simple and yet fun to make! I hope you give this one a try too!

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