I love old bed springs, I think they are just super cute and rustic looking! I’ve been collecting them forever, I find them at thrift stores and yard sales, flea markets. I have even saved some from and old bed I had. I’ve made things with them every now and again. I have always wanted to make a wreath with them and never did it until now. What stopped me was I always wondered what I would use to attach them all together and not have it look terrible. Things like using cable ties or wire, because one would look bad and the wire is just a pain to work with. Come join me in making a diy bed spring wreath the easy way, or easier way I think!

First I took the bed springs together using twine I tie each one together with three knots made with twine. I did this all around until I got all of the springs in a circle like a wreath. It took 5 springs to make a decent sized wreath. I feel the twine gives it a rustic look and is much easier than wire, and wire ties.

Second I dry brushed the wreath white, I didn’t cover it completely just enough to make it brighter. I wanted rustic look, but more of a shabby chic look.

Third I added some coffee stained muslin and lace ribbon just tied it on in a knot. Then I took burlap ribbon and made a bow with no tails just the loops. Hot glued that onto the knot from the fabric I attached.

Using this pack of flowers I got at Hobby Lobby and added them with hot glue to my bow. I just arranged them how I thought looked good, no rhyme or reason.

Lastly I added simple twine hanger, that’s it!

I love how simple, rustic and shabby chic this turned out!


I adore the way this diy bed spring wreath looks on my old window in my living room!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, if you did check out many more below!

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