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DIY Bee Hive Hanger

Once the warmer weather gets here doing little crafts with bees is always an awesome idea. Especially because when your craft is done you can display it next to some fresh cut flowers from the garden. How can you go wrong with that combination?! When I saw this cute little bee cut out at Joanns Fabric the other day I knew I could make something adorable for some Summer decorating. Follow along with me and check out this DIY Bee Hive Hanger.


Octagon Box- Michaels

Bee Cut Out- Joanns

Scrapbook Paper

Black & Yellow Paint

Mod Podge

RIbbons- Different Styles

Hot Glue


We are going to start off by painting the outside of the octagonal box and the inside border with the black paint. This can take a couple coats to make sure that you fully cover the wood.

Once the paint is dry, grab your scrapbook paper. You are going to trace the shape of the box onto the paper and then cut it out.

Next using your Mod Podge, attach the scrapbook paper cut out to the inside of the octagonal box.

Next using your black paint cover your bee cut out completely.

While your bee is drying, take your assorted ribbons and make an ‘X’ bow out of them.

Once the paint on your bee is dry, take some hot glue and attach the bee to the center of the octagonal box.

Now once your bow is made attach it to the top of the octagonal box using a little hot glue. Attach a button also using hot glue to the center of the bow.

Once the glue on your bow and button are dry your project is complete. This came out so adorable and looks great hanging on my craft room door. You can also use it as decor on a counter or shelf. Do you think you will make a DIY Bee Hive Hanger?

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