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DIY Bee Shelf Sitter

Who doesn’t love to make craft projects when it involves Spring and bees? I know I do, it has to be one of my move favorite things to craft for the season! I’ve always associated bees with the beginning of Spring time! While I was going through my craft room looking through all of my supplies, I came across this egg I had and an idea just came to me! I love when that happens! This DIY Bee Shelf Sitter was the project created with that idea and I hope you love it enough to give one a shot too!


Wooden Egg Shape – (mine had a flat top and bottom)
Large Wooden Bead
Chicken Wire – Hobby Lobby
Black and Yellow Paint

First, I painted the large wooden bead and the egg shape with the black paint.

Second, I painted yellow stripes around the egg shape.

Third, I chalked an outline on the bead where I wanted to paint it with the yellow paint.

Fourth, I used the yellow paint to fill in that outline.

Fifth, I used hot glue to secure the bead to one end of the egg shape. This created the bees’ head and body.

Sixth, I cut two small pieces of wire and swirled them creating the antennae. I then secured them into the head of the bee.

Seventh, I added two small dots as eyes with the black paint. As you can see my picture pixelated, those red lines are not really there.

Eighth, I used a small piece of the chicken wire to create the wing, securing them with hot glue.

Finally, I cut a length of the twine and tied it into a bow. I then secured it on top of the chicken wire with the hot glue.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I love it, and couldn’t be happier with the final result. He’s such a happy bee, I’m struggling with letting him go to my craft booth. I think I may just keep him for myself! Too bad I didn’t have more of these shapes on hand, I would of loved to make a bunch and had my own little bee family for my shelf! I hope you loved this project as much as I do and decide you want to make your very own DIY Bee Shelf Sitter!

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