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DIY Bumble Bee Plant Pokes

I love all things bee crafts; they are so cute! I saw bee pokes on Pinterest and thought they were so cute, I figured I would give them a try! They turned out so cute, I need to make some more! the next time I make them I am going to use bigger pom poms! I hope you follow along while I make these DIY Bumble Bee Plant Pokes and decide you want to give these a go too!


Yellow and Black Pom Poms
Spray Glue
Rusty Wire
Bamboo Skewers 
Black Paint 

First, I took the yellow pom pom and hot glued a slightly smaller black pom pom to each end of that.

Second, I cut a length of the rusty wire and formed it into a bow. I then slightly curved the ends of the tail to use as the antenna.

Third, I hot glued the rusty wire bow to the top of the pom pom in between the black and yellow. Tail ends facing forward.

Fourth, I sprayed each of the bees with the spray adhesive and sprinkled with the glitter. Let Dry.

Fifth, I painted the bamboo skewers with the black paint and let dry.

Finally, once everything was dry I flipped the bee over and used a generous amount of hot glue to secure the skewer to the underside.

Here they are all finished, how do you think they came out? I’m absolutely in love with these little bees, I couldn’t be happier with the final result. I love how they look like they are covered in pollen and heading to their next flower! Summertime crafting is so much fun, and when the crafts I decide to make are as easy as these DIY Bumble Bee Plant Pokes it makes it that much more fun! I’m hoping you enjoyed this DIY as much as I did creating them and decide you want to give them a go too!

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