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DIY Christmas Shutter

Christmas is coming and of course I am decorating anything and everything! I happen to run across this white shutter I had stored away. Normally I would turn an already painted white shutter into a snowman I mean…that would be stupid of me not to, right?! Well friends I did NOT…I can see the look of shock on your faces already. My husband even said something, now I know I have made one too many snowmen when the husband actually starts wondering why I am not making something into a snowman haha! I know you will enjoy this DIY Christmas Shutter, even though it is not a snowman lol!

Here is the shutter, and the supplies you’ll need. I gathered most of the supplies from my yard, I love using nature to create if possible. I know in some places you can’t get these in your yard, so you’d could use artificial if you were planning to make this.

First step is to take the twine and wrap it around the center of the shutter. Make sure it is tight and you do several layers, and tie in the back. This is what will hold it all together, I didn’t want anything to be glued or permanent. Just in case I do decide to make a snowman HAHA! I also like having an item I can swap out décor for different seasons and occasions.

This when you add your greenery, I just slid in down behind the twine. I used two different evergreens I found in my yard.

Next I added this red bow I got at Dollar Tree, it is made of like a plastic material so it can be outside and not get ruined.

Here is where I added some embellishments, a Christmas ornament and and a couple pine cones. These are just nestled on and not glued or tied, they have held on really well.

I love how this turned out! At the last minute I added a couple of red and white sticks I had left from a Fourth of July project. I have it sitting outside my door and it looks amazing, I love knowing that I can change it up after Christmas to a winter theme and then maybe Valentines Day.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY Christmas Shutter and that it inspires you to make one!




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