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DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Tray

Dollar Tree DIY’s are my favorite! Especially when you can take something cheap and make it look high end, like this one! It is soo cute and easy, I can’t even believe it is Dollar Tree! I can not take full credit for this DIY, as I have seen it floating around Pinterest for years now. I just finally decided to create one for myself and if I am making something I am taking you all along with me! So come along and see this DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Tray come to life!

Here is the supplies, truly not a lot and most of us have everything but the tray, you may even have the tray!

First Step is to cut your large craft sticks to the size of the inside of the tray. I used the bottom as sort of a guide and marked one with a pencil. I cut that first one and then trimmed it a little more to fit inside the bottom of the tray. Once I had that one cut and trimmed to fit, I used that as a guide for the rest. My tray took a total of 12 craft sticks, yours may be different depending on the width of you craft sticks. After you have them all cut, stain them using the brown wax.

Step 2, paint your tray with your chalk paint, or whatever paint you have on hand. This took two coats, I allowed it to dry between coats.

Step 3, I used E6000 and a small amount of hot glue to attach my craft sticks to the bottom of my tray. Just line them up all along the bottom!

Step 4, using the brown wax, dry brush around the whole tray really focusing on the edges. This will give it a nice distressed look.

Final step, glue your rope handles on the underneath edge. I just cut them to the size I wanted and used hot glue to secure them. These are just for decorative purposes, they wont be string enough to pick up the tray. You could drill holes and slip them through and tie them off, but I have no intentions in using this for more than just decoration.

Look how amazing this turned out!! OMG I love it!! It certainly doesn’t look like it came from Dollar Tree, look like it is high end!

Final, final step is to decorate it!! It looks amazing!!

Milk Bottle is a DIY video from Facebook you can find it here!

The ideas are endless! Hope you enjoyed this DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Tray!

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  1. Tina Sheppard says:

    Very nice Janice! I love when the sticks fit perfectly with the project. It’s a stuggle when you have to cut one in half. Beautiful tray.

  2. Michelle Stephanie Walz says:

    Could you use this in a tiered tray sorta way? I love the way it turned out & even bought that tray for my daughter in law & granddaughter to create at will ♡♡♡

    1. I absolutely love this DIY. I love farmhouse decor and I’m currently changing to in my house. Other than popsicle sticks tongue depressors work good too. Can’t wait to make mine. LOL my living room is currently working on my fall and thanksgiving crafts and then onto Xmas. Thank you.

  3. What are you using for your brown wax?

  4. DeAnna Cooley says:

    I have a question will this work with the gold one as well ?

  5. Vernor Debbie says:

    Love this. What tool do you use for cutting the popsicle sticks?

  6. Janice E Prescott says:

    Where can I find a tray like that?

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