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DIY Dollar Tree Frame Vase

Having cute little frames around that can be hung on the wall or set on a shelf is always the perfect decoration to tie a theme together. With Spring hopefully right around the corner its not too early to start crafting for the Season. Follow along with me for this DIY Dollar Tree Frame Vase.


Frame- Dollar Tree

Mini Glass Containers- Dollar Tree



Black Paint

White Paint

Time to Bloom Cutout- Joann’s

Drill & Drill Bit

Hot Glue

Start by popping the back off of your frame, and drill 3 small holes into the top of the frame

Next paint the entire frame with your black paint, be sure to cover the entire frame completely, this could take more than 1 coat

Now cut small lengths of ribbon, and tie them around the tops of your mini glass containers

Now run your ribbons through the small holes on the top of the frame and tie them off so that they hang down

Next paint your Time to Bloom cutout with the white paint, again make sure to completely cover

Finally add your florals to the mini glass containers and hot glue your cut out to the bottom left of your frame

This little frame came out so super cute and for sure brightens up any decor. It would look great in a bathroom or kitchen, sitting on a shelf or counter. It was easy to make and hopefully Mother Nature will get the message LOL. Do you think you will make a DIY Dollar Tree Frame Vase?

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