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DIY Dollar Tree Glam Pumpkin

I love incorporating pumpkins into my Fall and Halloween decor, especially when I get to decorate them in ways that you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes you need a little glitz and glam in your decor and this project is just the thing to brighten it up. Follow along and learn how to make your own DIY Dollar Tree Glam Pumpkin.


Dollar Tree Foam Pumpkin

Gem Stickers- Dollar Tree

RIbbons- Hobby Lobby

Hot Glue Gun

Paints- Chalk White and Acrylic Black

Step 1, using your chalk white paint cover your pumpkin, use as many coats necessary to make sure that your pumpkin is fully covered. After the paint on the pumpkin is dry take the acrylic black and cover the stem of the pumpkin, again use as many coats as necessary to cover the stem.

Step 2, after the paint has dried on the entire pumpkin we are going to add our gem stickers. These are peel and stick gems, place them down the vertical indents of the pumpkin. I alternated mine clear and black around the pumpkin. You can place them however you would like.

Step 3, make an X bow with your ribbons and attach these to the front of the stem with hot glue. After the bow is attached to the stem and the glue is dry I put a single gem in the center of the bow.

This pumpkin came out so awesome and adds some glitz and elegance to any Fall display. You can change up the colors so they match the decor in your home and fit in nicely. Do you think you will make a DIY Dollar Tree Glam Pumpkin?

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