I have a love for these Dollar Tree heart ornaments. There is so many ideas I have for them, and Valentines Day is almost here so here is one last one! This heart can be used all year long, it isn’t holiday specific. It turned out so cute and sweet, I love how it turned out! Come see what I did with this DIY Dollar Tree heart ornament!

Dollar-Tree-Heart Ornament

Here is all my supplies.

Dollar Tree Heart Ornament

Dollar Tree Stickers

Rosette (Hobby Lobby)


String beads

Acrylic paint in the color ivory

mod podge & glue gun

Dollar-Tree-Heart Ornament

First thing I did was coat the whole heart in the ivory paint.

Second, its time to cut out the fabric and then mod podge it on, I used mod podge under the fabric and then again on the top. Once it is dry, sand off the excess on the edges.

Step 3, add your beads around the edge using your hot glue. Choose a hanger, you can reuse the twine one or a piece of ribbon, I chose a burgundy color ribbon.

Step 4 I choose my sticker, Grow Old With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be. Glue that right to the your heart using your glue gun, leave a bit of room above it for your rosette.

This is one of my favorite sayings, I was so happy to see it on a sticker at Dollar tree!!

Dollar-Tree-Heart Ornament

Finally add your rosette above your sticker, and you’re finished!

Dollar-Tree-Heart Ornament

I adore how this turned out, it isn’t your traditional Valentines Day colors and I think that is what I love. It can be used year round! It has a rustic, shabby chic vibe, honestly it is hard to put this in any d├ęcor style. It’s style is pretty, that is all ha-ha! It is almost as cute as the other Dollar Tree heart ornament I made, you can see that here!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Dollar Tree Heart Ornament and that it inspires you to make one!

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