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DIY Dollar Tree Laundry Sign

I don’t think that I have ever met anybody that enjoys doing laundry! I know that it is for sure not at the top of my favorite chores. Unfortunately there isn’t really a way to get out of it, we all need clean clothes lol. So I figure if it has to be done then lets try to make it a little less boring. Follow along with me for this DIY Dollar Tree Laundry Sign.


Wooden Board- Dollar Tree

Laundry Room Wall Decal- Dollar Tree

White & Black Paint

Mod Podge


Sanding Sponge


We’re going to start this project off by drilling two small holes in the top of the wooden sign. These holes will go in the top left an right corners.

Next cover your wooden sign with your black paint. Let your black paint dry and then go over it with the white paint.

Once your coat of white paint has dried we are going to add our Laundry Room decal. Cut the decal out from the sheet and attach to the wooden sign using Mod Podge.

After the Laundry Room decal is attached and the Mod Podge is dry, go over the sign with a piece of sand paper. This gives the sign an aged look, which I’m a huge fan of.

Now take the sheet of decals and cut out the smaller words. Mod Podge the smaller words underneath the bigger decal.

After the Mod Podge on the smaller decals has dried, give the edges of the wooden sign a sand to add to that aged look. Now take your wire and run it through the holes that were drilled in step one. With this final step our DIY is complete. This little sign came out super cute and was so easy to make. Do you think you will make a DIY Dollar Tree Laundry Sign?

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  1. So nice. I want to make a DIY Welcome sign. Could you help? I have trouble stinciling and painting letters. Thank you.

    1. Thank you! When you are stenciling, be sure to use very light amounts of paint. You may go over each part several times until you get the desired shade of paint you’re looking for.

  2. Love your ideas, they are great.

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