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DIY Dollar Tree Pallet Flag

I absolutely love the wooden pallets from Dollar Tree. You can make so many super cute crafts with them for all seasons and holidays! The one I am making today is patriotic because it is almost the Fourth of July and I just love Patriotic decor! This one was fun and easy to make and turned out ADORABLE!! Come see how to make this DIY Dollar Tree Pallet Flag!


Pallet Sign- Dollar Tree
Flag Napkin
Brown Wax
White Paint
Blessed Wood Cutout- Hobby Lobby

First step is to take our brown wax and satin the whole pallet. I did both sides and inside of each slat.

Second, Mod Podge your flag napkin on the pallet. I did not mind that it wasn’t perfectly straight, I wanted it to be a little off centered. It looks rustic and kind of like it is waving. Once it was dry, I cut slits in between the slats, then used some sandpaper and a nail file to sand off the excess.

Third, I painted my blessed cut out white. Then I Used the brown wax to stain over the white on the blessed and then also added some to the top of the napkin and then once it was dry, I used a sanding sponge and sanded the whole pallet all over the napkin removing some of it. I wanted this to be really distressed.

Finally, I hot glued my blessed cut out to the bottom of the pallet. This project is done!

How adorable is this?! I love it! It was easy to make and turned out just as I had envisioned! Do you think you’ll make a DIY Dollar Tree Pallet Flag?

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