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DIY Dollar Tree Pallet Turkey

Since the Snowman and Scarecrow Pallets were such a big hit, I figured why not make a Turkey. These little pallets always come out so super cute and you can nestle them in with your other Holiday decor so easily. Not to mention they are inexpensive and simple to put together. Lets follow along together and learn how to make your own DIY Dollar Tree Pallet Turkey.


Dollar Tree Pallet

Large Craft Stick

Small Wood Oval and Triangle


Acrylic Paints- Brown, Yellow, Red, Black and White

Raffia and floral of your choice

Hot Glue

We are going to start this DIY with some painting. You are going to need to use more than 1 coat to make sure that the paint fully covers. Make sure to let the paint dry in between coats. About 3/4 of the pallet is going to be painted brown, and the left over is going to be painted black. The large craft stick is going to be painted black, the small wood oval is going to be painted orange and the small wood triangle is going to be painted yellow.

Once the paint on the pallet and the craft stick are dry, we are going to glue them to each other. Where the black and brown paint meet we are going to hot glue the craft stick horizontally across the pallet. Now we are going to add some round white circles to the pallet that will be used for the eyes. Once the paint has dried we are going to add some black semi-circles to the bottom of the eyes. We can also add some slanted lines above the eyes for eyebrows.

Now add some white dots in the middle of the black to bring him to life a little more. Then hot glue the yellow triangle nose and the red oval wattle to the pallet, to complete the face.

Next take your bow and hot glue it to the bottom front of the pallet.

While you still have the hot glue gun out, take a small amount of your raffia and the floral and attach them to the Turkeys hat. Glue the raffia in the corner and then attach the flower on top.

This came out so stinkin’ cute and I had a fun time making it. He is absolutely adorable!! I hope you all enjoy this DIY Dollar Tree Pallet Turkey as much as the other pallet DIYs. Do you think that you will try to make one of your own?

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  1. Josie Walrath says:

    Love it! Too many folks skip thanksgiving and jump into Christmas.. so this is refreshing to see. Thank you🦃🦃🦃

  2. Barbara Kelley says:

    Everything is so beautiful ! ❤️

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