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DIY Dollar Tree Snowman Cloche

Snowmen are one of my favorite parts of Winter. Being able to have them displayed around the house for the season knowing they will last forever is a huge plus LOL! I’m always finding different ways to be able to craft with these cute little fellas, and absolutely love it. Follow along with me and learn this DIY Dollar Tree Snowman Cloche.


Faux Snow-


This is Nicloe from A Frayed Knots Page on Facebook, you can find her page here-


1/4 Cup Baking Soda

1 Tablespoon Mod Podge

1 tablespoon White Paint

Mix until creamy, add more paint or Mod Podge for desired consistency

3 Small Styrofoam Balls

Fake Snow

Small Black Beads

Mini Tree

Scrapbook Cutouts- Hope & Star (Choose whatever you have)

Silver Pipe Cleaner

Carrot Button for Nose

Small Scrap of Fabric

Glass Dome with bottom

Hot Glue

Start by gluing the 3 Small Styrofoam Balls together

Now brush on your Faux Snow all over the Styrofoam Balls until they are completely covered. You are going to want to inert something into the bottom Styrofoam Ball so that you can cover them without getting the snow mixture on your hands.

While the Faux Snow is still wet, cover the entire Snowman in glitter

Now glue the Snowman to the base of the glass dome, and add your mini tree to the side of the snowman also using hot glue

Allow the Faux Snow to almost fully dry, just as it’s about to dry, push in the black beads for his eyes and the buttons down the front of him.

Add some Mod Podge to the base of the dome and cover it with Fake Snow. During this step you also can add your Scrapbook Cutouts to the base. You can place these wherever you would like and choose whatever cut outs you think look best. These will be attached using hot glue. I also added a star embellishment to the top of my mini tree.

Now add your scrap fabric between the top styrofoam ball and the middle ball, this will act like a scarf for the Snowman

Now put a bead of hot glue around the top outer layer of your dome base and add your silver pipe cleaner

Add the glass dome over your Snowman and your project is complete. This little guy came out super adorable and was inexpensive and easy to make. He is for sure going to brighten up my house for the Winter. Do you think you will make a DIY Dollar Tree Snowman Cloche?

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  1. Penny Lambe says:

    Love all your projects especially the Outhouse!!❤

  2. Debbie Mcbee Crawford says:

    Such a beautiful snowman globe, thanks for sharing. ❤️

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