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DIY Dollar Tree Snowy Snowman Candle Holder

One of my absolute favorite things about Winter is Snowman, they are always so super cute. I love being able to incorporate them into my crafting and decorating. Not to mention who doesn’t love candles, whether they are real or battery operated, they always bring decorating together so well. So when I saw these adorable Snowman napkins at the Christmas Tree Shop I just knew that I was going to use them for something super neat. Follow along and learn how to make your very own DIY Dollar Tree Snowy Snowman Candle Holder.


Dollar Tree Glass Candle Holder

Snowman Napkin- Christmas Tree Shop

Aleenes Glitter Snow- Amazon

Mod Podge

Sparkle Mod Podge- Hobby Lobby

Step 1, Separate the napkin plys and gently tear around the napkin design. You can choose whatever napkins you would like. TIP: if you add a bit of water to a paint brush and run it around the areas you want to tear on the napkin it makes it go smoother. Don’t drench it but just a bit of water.

Step 2, put Mod Podge onto the glass candle holder and attach your napkin design to the holder

Step 3, after the Mod Podge has dried, dab your glitter snow on the candle holder around the napkin design, covering the entire outside of the candle holder.

Next step once the glitter snow is dry, add sparkle Mod Podge to the napkin.

Add your candle and the holder is complete. I love how this looks when it is lit up. It was super easy and quick to make and absolutely adorable!! Do you think you will try to make a DIY Dollar Tree Snowy Snowman Candle Holder?

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  1. I have this napkin, thanks for the inspiration on what craft to use it on. I can alway rely on you!!!

  2. Michelle Walz (Chelle ) says:

    Janice ♡ alway such a joy & warms my heart when you share creative ideas & projects ♡♡♡ love the glow

  3. I bought these napkins after seeing Amber Strong do a craft with it. Know I want to do this!!

  4. Gena Morgan says:

    I love all of your ideas and crafts. It helps me with ideas for my handicapped participates I work with. Thank you for all your inspirations.

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