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DIY Dollar Tree Watermelon

Who doesn’t love to craft Summer time crafts? I know I do, and when I can turn a plain old round hanging wood sign into a yummy looking watermelon, what could be more fun? I saw this hanging sign at my local Dollar Tree and the idea for this DIY Dollar Tree Watermelon just popped into my head! I’ll never tire of that happening! I’m hoping you love this craft as much as I did making it and you give one a go too!


Dollar Tree Wood Round Sign
Paints- Red, Green, White, Black
Rusty Wire
Welcome Cut Out – Walmart

First, I used a ruler to make a line across the top portion of the circle.

Second, I used a razor knife to score along that line I drew a few times until the pieces came apart.

Third, I drew on a couple of half circles around the bottom edge of the larger piece of wood. These will be the different layers of the watermelon.

Fourth, I used the green paint on the outer most layer I drew on to create the watermelon rind.

Fifth, I painted the next half circle with the white paint.

Sixth, I painted the last, largest part with the red paint.

Seventh, I drew on some teardrop shapes all through the red painted area to create the seeds. I then painted them with the black paint.

Eighth, I used white paint to add a thin line and also a small dot around the edge of the seeds, giving them depth.

Ninth, I painted the “Welcome” sign with the white paint.

Tenth, I cut a large length of the rusty wire and slightly twisted it. I then drilled to small holes into the top corners of the watermelon, feeding the wires through each hole and twisting to hold it in place.

Eleventh, I glued the “Welcome” sign across the center of the watermelon.

Finally, I tied some ribbons around the edge of the rusty wire hanger.

Here it is all finished, how do you like the final project? Can you believe this was a plain old wooden circle before I started? This project was so much fun to make and I couldn’t be happier with the final result! I really wish I had bought a few of these little circle signs and was able to make a few of these! They’re so bright and fun and scream Summer to me that I can’t wait to hang it! I hope you loved this DIY Dollar Tree Watermelon as much as I did creating it and decide you want to make your own too!

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