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DIY Fall Pumpkin Sign

I love decorating for Fall, especially with handmade decor. It makes the home so much warmer and inviting. Follow along and learn how to make your own DIY Fall Pumpkin Sign.


Wooden Box -Michaels

Antique Wax

Mod Podge

Hot Glue

Spanish Moss

Fall Grass

Pumpkin Scrapbook Paper

Mini Hay Bales -Dollar Tree

Mini Pumpkin (table scatter)- Dollar Tree

Leaves, Raffia, Greenery and Picks, Mini Wood Piece for Stem- All Dollar Tree

First step you are going to cover the outer edge inside and out with Antique Wax.

Second step, take your scrapbook paper and cut it to the size of the inside of the wooden box.

Next use your Mod Podge to attach the scrapbook paper to the inside of your wooden box. Once you have attached your paper, you are then going to hot glue a small amount of Spanish Moss to the bottom lip of the wooden box.

Next you are going to attach your mini hay bales, mini pumpkins and Fall grass to the bottom area of your wooden box using hot glue. You can arrange these items anyway you would like.

Now we are going to attach another small amount of Spanish Moss on to the outside top of the wooden box using hot glue. On top of the Spanish Moss we are going to attach, the mini wood piece, one of the leaves and some greenery these items will also be attached using hot glue. Again you can arrange these items where you would like.

Once the glue is dry on your stem you are going to attach a bow made from Raffia to the front of the stem on the top of the wooden box.

I really enjoyed making this DIY, it came out so adorable and was super easy as well as inexpensive. Do you think you will make a DIY Fall Pumpkin Sign?

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