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DIY Flannel Shirt Pumpkin

So I had an old flannel shirt lying around that I no longer wear, and some left over materials from a few past projects. Instead of throwing the shirt out I decided to revamp it into something super cute to decorate for not only Halloween but for Fall as well. Follow along as we make a DIY Flannel Shirt Pumpkin.

Supplies List:

Old Flannel Shirt

Something round to trace, I used a small plate

Wired Twine

Fiber Fill

Spanish Moss

Stick (stem)

Embroidery Floss and Needle



Step 1, start by laying the flannel shirt out on a flat surface and placing your “round item” in the center of the shirt. Trace around the “round item” with a marker.

Step 2, cut out your circle that you traced on the flannel shirt. Then using the embroidery floss and needle, start a running stitch around the outside edge 1/4 in.

Step 3, stitch the running stitch all the way around the flannel so you have what looks like a pouch when your finished.

Step 4, take the fiber fill and stuff the little pouch that you made, then tie the excess embroidery floss at the end to close off the pumpkin.

Step 5, add the stick as a stem into the center of the pumpkin.

Final step add the Spanish moss and wired twine around the stem for the tendril of the pumpkin. This is all secured to the pumpkin using hot glue.

This came out so awesome and looks so great nestled in with some Halloween or Fall decor. Do you think you’ll try to make this DIY Flannel Shirt Pumpkin? I LOVE how they turned out and how EASY they were to make!

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