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Hey Ya’ll, here is another super fun project! I love being able to get out after winter and get my gardens all cleaned up and revitalized from the winter mess. It is always nice to be able to be outside and making my outdoor space warm and cozy just like I do inside my house. I made a bunch of flower garden stepping stones you can find here, I wanted something else to add to my garden so I came up with a cute flower garden stake! It was super easy and fun to make! Come follow along as I make a DIY flower garden stake!


Wooden Circle, mine was 10 inches – You can find it here – Wood Circle

Drift Wood Pieces, you can find those here.

1 Small Wood Disc, you can find that here.

Dollar Tree Cookie Sheet

1 5 Gallon Paint Stick

Acrylic Paints, White, Turquoise, Green and Yellow

E600 Glue

Clear Coat Outdoor Spray Paint

First is to paint all the pieces. The large wood round paint turquoise, the small one yellow, the drift wood pieces white and the paint stick green. Let dry.

Second, glue your drift wood pieces into a flower shape, how many you use is up to you, more drift wood more petals on your flower. Once those are glued down, glue the yellow circle to the center.

Third, using the handle of my paint brush, I dotted white polka dots all over the large wood circle and then onto the yellow center. This is optional, you don’t have to do this part. I wanted my flower to be more whimsical looking.

Fourth, I used the Dollar Tree cookie sheet. I drew a couple of leaves out and then cut them out. I then glued them onto the 5 gallon paint stirrer toward the bottom.

Fifth, I glued the whole large circle onto the top of the 5 gallon paint stick.

Then I used a clear coat over it all to protect it.

That’s it, all done! We can take it outside and put it in the garden!

I just LOVE how it turned out and it looks so great in my garden!!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY flower garden stake. Such a fun and EASY project!! Will you be making one?

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  1. Sandy Kupczyk says:

    This is so cute. Love all your crafts. What size of driftwood did you order? 8-10cm? It looks like your pieces are about 4″ long. Please let me know so that I can order and attempt to make this flower. Thank you.

  2. Deborah Ferensic says:

    Yes I was wondering measurements also. The link brings you to driftwood branches. Also the circle in the middle needs a measurement please

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