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DIY Framed Beach Decor Sign

I know that as soon as I start planning beach trips that the awesome weather is on its way. So whether you are crafting for a vacation home or just trying to make your home more seasonal there are all kinds of crafts that will work into your decor. Follow along with me for a DIY Framed Beach Decor Sign.


Frame- Dollar Tree

Nautical Napkin

Nautical Rope

4 Wooden Half Beads

Acrylic Paints- Blue & Red


Hot Glue

First start off your project by removing the glass from your frame. Now take your nautical napkin and glue it into the frame. After the napkin is in place put the glass back into the frame.

Next take your nautical rope, using your hot glue, attach the rope around the inside frame.

Now take your half beads and we are going to add some paint to them. Paint 2 of them blue and 2 of them red. This could take two coats to fully cover.

Once the paint on your half beads are dry we are going to attach them to the frame. Place them on the corners of the frame with hot glue. I alternated mine with a blue and red at the top and a blue and red at the bottom. With this final step your project is finished.

This project came out so cute and was super easy to make. With minimal supplies and time you can make an adorable little sign for anywhere in your house. Do you think you will make a DIY Framed Beach Decor Sign?

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