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DIY Gingerbread Gumball Machine

It’s Christmas time again, and I’m back to making crafts for my favorite holiday season! This project was so much fun to make! It had the nostalgia with the gumboil machine, and add in the fun with the gingerbread man, it all tied this DIY Gingerbread Gumball Machine into the an amazing Christmas craft! Follow along with this step by step DIY and give one a try too!


Small Gumball Machine – Dollar Tree
Ticking Fabric
Paint – Territorial Beige, Burgundy, Black and White 

First, I removed the lid and painted the entire globe of the gumball machine with the territorial beige paint.

Second, I used chalk to sketch in what I liked for eyes and a nose for the gingerbread man.

Third, I used black paint and painted in the eyes, as well as making eyebrows. I then used the burgundy paint and filled in the nose.

Fourth, I painted on a mouth using the black paint. I then used more of the burgundy and blotted on rosy cheeks. To finish off the face I used white paint with the end of my paintbrush to create the small dots inside the rosy cheeks. I then used a very small brush to make the design inside the eyes.

Fifth, I took some white paint on an old toothbrush, and splattered it all over the entire gumball machine.

Sixth, I used white paint and painted on this swirl design around the top of the head. I also added the cover back on after I also splattered that with some white paint.

Seventh, I used the DuraClear over the entire gingerbread face to seal it.

Finally, I cut a length of ticking fabric, and tied it around the base of the gumball bulb.

Here is the final result, what do you think? Did it put you in the holiday spirit and bring your childhood nostalgia out like it did to me? I love this craft project, I think he came out amazing! Anything to do with Christmas is always a blast to make, but gingerbread men have to be one of my favorites to craft! I hope you enjoyed this DIY Gingerbread Gumball Machine, and give one a try too! Merry Christmas!

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