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DIY Halloween Shutter

I love Halloween, it’s so fun to get creative with the things that can be made. Who does’t love the freaky black cat? When I found this cute cat wood cutout at Joann’s I just knew I had to make something spooky with him. I hope you like this DIY Halloween Shutter and give one a try too!


Old Shutter
Cat Wood CutOut- Joann’s
Wooden Stars
Wooden Circle
Halloween Ribbon
Moon Button 
Orange Spray Paint 
Acrylic Paint – Yellow, Black, Purple, Lime Green, white

First, I took the old shutter and painted it with the orange spray paint.

Second, I decided against using the October cutout, because it was just a little too big for what I was looking for so, I ended up using the wooden stars and moon. I painted them with the Acrylic yellow paint.

Third, I painted the wooden cat cutout body black, his eyes lime green, and his hat purple.

Fourth, I used a thin paint brush with white paint to create the highlight effect around the entire cutout.

Fifth, I secured the cat cutout to the shutter using hot glue.

Sixth, I hot glued the yellow stars and moon around the shutter. I ended up deciding the yellow needed to be broken up some, so I used a couple more stars and painted them black and purple. Then hot glued them on as well. I made sure one of the stars covered the hole that the knob had left once I removed it.

Finally, I made a bow with the Halloween ribbon and hot glued it to his neck.

Here is the final result! What do you think? I really like how he came out and the lime green eyes just make him stand out too! I loved making this DIY Halloween Shutter and I hope you will give one a try too!

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