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DIY Halloween Thrifted Frame

Who doesn’t love a good Thrift Store find?! I know I do, so when I saw this frame I just knew it had the potential to be something great! Follow along with me and learn to make your own DIY Halloween Thrifted Frame.


Thrifted Frame

Spray Paints- Orange, Black, and White

Spray Clear Coat

Acrylic Paint- Black

Sponge Stamper

Contact Paper

Clear tape

Dollar Tree Pumpkin- used just for pattern

Dollar Tree Stencil- you can use whatever ones you have on hand


I started off this project by tracing the Dollar Tree Pumpkin onto the contact paper.

Next I cut out the pumpkin from the contact paper and placed it in the middle of the glass from the frame. Before completing this step, make sure to remove the glass from the wooden frame.

Now you are going to spray the side of the glass that does not have the contact paper on it with the white spray paint, make sure to cover the entire thing. Set aside to dry.

While the white spray paint on your glass is drying grab the wooden frame. We are going to spray paint this part with the orange spray paint. Make sure to cover the entire frame and set aside to dry.

Next step you are going to spray paint the side of the glass that has the contact paper on it with the black spray paint.

Next step we are going to remove the contact paper, before completing this step make sure to run your razor around the pumpkin. This will avoid the paint from peeling up outside of the pumpkin shape.

Next you are going to take the stencil that you chose and using clear tape secure it to the center of the pumpkin. Using your black acrylic paint and sponge stamper fill in the stencil.

I also added some fun Halloween stencils to the outside edge of the pumpkin as well. You can decorate however you would like.

After the paint from the stencils was dry, I sprayed over the entire piece of glass with a spray clear coat. After the clear coat dries you can now put the glass back into the wooden frame.

This DIY project was fun to make and made my trip to the thrift store super worth it. Do you think you will make this DIY Halloween Thrifted Frame?

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