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DIY Hocus Pocus Sign

I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday. Hocus Pocus movies are one of my favorite parts of Halloween. They bring back so much nostalgia from my childhood. I decided to make my own Hocus Pocus sign using Magnolia Stencils! P.S. I am now a Magnolia Stencil Representative! Follow along while I make this DIY Hocus Pocus Sign.


Hocus Pocus Stencil – Get it here -> Magnolia Stencil
Stencil Pastes 
Dollar Tree Sign 

First, I took that Dollar Tree sign and painted the center white and the frame black. I did two coats on each.

Second, I laid down my stencil in the center of the sign and pressed it down. These stencils are self stick so they prevent bleeding.

Third, I added all my chalk pastes. I used black, orange, yellow and purple.

Fourth, I used the back of a paint brush and added did mini dots arounds the frame using the colors of the witches hair. Let dry and then your sign is finished!

I think this turned out so cute and was really easy to make. I love Magnolia Stencils, they make stenciling super easy! Do you think you’ll try to make your own DIY Hocus Pocus Sign?

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