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DIY Mason Jar Deer Lantern

I’d have to say that one of the best parts of the Christmas season is all the lights, whether they are outside or inside, and that most definitely includes candles. Whether they are battery operated or making your house smell wonderful they always add a special touch to any home decor. So when I get the chance to craft with them I always take advantage. Follow along with me and learn how to make your own DIY Mason Jar Deer Lantern.


Mason Jar

Deer/Stag Sticker- Hobby Lobby

White Chalk Paint

Greenery & Berries


Battery Operated Tea Light

Hot Glue

You are going to want to start by cleaning your Mason Jar, make sure to completely dry the jar once you have cleaned it. Then you are going to add your Deer/Stag sticker to the front. When you add the sticker make sure it is fully secured on all sides.

Now we are going to paint the entire jar with the White Chalk Paint. This could take a couple coats, make sure to let dry in between coats and allow to FULLY dry before moving onto the next step.

Once the paint has FULLY dried we are going to remove the sticker from the jar. Peel this off very gently so that you do not peel the paint of the jar from anywhere but where the sticker was attached.

The next step is to wrap the top of the jar right under the lid lip with twine. Once your twine is attached you are going to hot glue your greenery and berries to the front of the jar at the top.

Now add your tea light and you are finished. I used a battery operated tea light, you can use an actual tea light if you would like to.

This came out so gorgeous and I love the way it looks nestled in with all my other Christmas decor. It definitely brightens up the house, just enough to make it feel a little bit more cozy. Do you think that you will make a DIY Mason Jar Deer Lantern?

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