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DIY Mini Houses

I’m always looking for cute stuff to fill in spots on my hutch, counter tops and even my windowsills. When I spotted these cute little wooden houses at Target, I knew I could turn them into something super cute. I tried something different/unique with these, and I am SUPER happy with how they turned out! Follow along with me for some DIY Mini Houses.


Houses – Target
Paint – Mineral Gray (Waverly Chalk Paint)
Wall Spackling- Lowes
Stencils – Any you have on hand
Brown Antique Wax

First thing I did was take my brown antique wax and applied a coat to each house. I usually apply with a paint brush and then wipe off the excess with a baby wipe. Let them dry before the next step.

Second, I added a coat of the mineral gray paint. This isn’t a super thick coat, just enough to get a coat of color on the houses. Again, let dry.

Third, I used a sanding block and sanded off the paint in areas I wanted it to look aged. I didn’t sand to hard because I didn’t want to go through the layer of antique wax.

Fourth, I took my stencils and taped them to the edges of the houses. The blue stencils are from Dollar Tree, the clear one is from Walmart. You can use any stencils you have on hand. Find a stencil that has a fun pattern or design, even if there is soemthing else on the stencil, just use the part with the design.

Finally, take your wall spackling and put a layer on the stencil. I just used a small putty knife. Once you have a layer of the spackling on, peel the stencil up while it is still wet! Let them dry overnight.

Here they are once the spackling has dried! They are absolutely ADORABLE and so easy to make! You could choose any color you’d like to match your decor style. I chose gray because it is neutral, and it goes with nearly everything.

I am loving these and love that they can be used all year round. Hope these inspire you to make your own! Do you think you’ll make some DIY Mini Houses?

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