DIY Patriotic Centerpiece

I wanted a fun and pretty patrotic centerpiece for the 4th of July, so after looking around at many stores. I decided to make one myself!

When you can’t find what you’re looking for you just DIY it, am I right!?!

Love love the way it turned out!

It is made using mostly items found at the Dollar Tree!!

(all except the sticks and spray paint)

First gathered some sticks from my yard and separated them into 3 bundles.

Second I painted each bundle, one red, one white and one blue, just like the flag!

I used regular ole’ spray paint to get the job done!

After they dried I gathered each one into bundles of matching colors and wrapped twine around the bottoms of each color bundle.

I wrapped them with twine so they would stay upright and not be all willy nilly in the vases.


At Dollar Tree I found this little plastic tray, it was gold and that just didn’t match the look I was going for. Painted that silver, with spray paint, MUCH BETTER!

The next was the glass vases, I wrapped each one in twine around the center, and for the middle one I took one of the small flags from Dollar Tree and wrapped the twine around that and the vase.

Once I finished wrapping the twine around the vases, I placed the vases on the tray then added the sticks to each vase, in the order of red, white and blue! BAM, Patriotic Centerpiece!

Here is the finished Patriotic centerpiece!

There are so many possibilities for this centerpiece!

You could do:

Red, white and blue flowers.

Add pom poms to the sticks.

Use Pinwheels

Real flowers

That is just a few ideas for this one centerpiece, what would you do?

I hope you enjoyed this project!

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patriotic centerpiece

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