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DIY Patriotic Door Topper

I love all things Patriotic and Americana, so when I found this door topper at a yard sale I knew what I wanted to do with it. It was .50 cents, it looked like someone was going to paint a nice beach scene on it, but never got around to it. We can all relate to that, having so many projects and ideas and we just don’t get around to finishing them or in some cases even starting them. I know I have MANY unfinished projects and projects I haven’t started yet. Well this is one project I did finish! Come see how it this DIY Patriotic door topper turned out!


Door Topper

Stencil (Walmart, in a stencil pack) Here is a referral link for it on Amazon as well

Chalk Paint in Imperial Red, White & Nautical

First step, paint the whole board with white chalk paint. Here you can see the beginning of the painting that someone had planned on painting on it, I would have loved to see how it turned out.

Second step, I placed my stencil right in the center and used a sponge pouncer and did stenciled on Land Of The Free in the nautical color. I then used a small liner brush and connected all my letters. See the spaces from the stencil above, I just used the blue and connected them all. You can see them connected below. Oops I forgot the A, I did fix it though!

Third step, I lined up the stars on the stencil and placed those above and below the Land Of The Free, also in the nautical blue.

Fourth step, I used the stripes on the stencil and put 4 on each side of the board, evenly spaced apart.

Finally, I took a sponge sanding block and sanded the whole project. I wanted it to look weathered and aged, I think I achieved that look! I feel like some Patriotic and Americana stuff is supposed to look old and tattered.

LOVE the way it turned out!! So Patriotic and even has a bit of a nautical vibe too! This would look amazing at a beach house! This stencil is so much fun and as you can see you don’t have to use the stencil in the way it was intended, you can use different parts of it in different places on your project!

It is adorable and was so easy to make! I am still toying with the idea of putting a stain on it and making it look really aged…What do you think, stain or leave as is?

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Patriotic Door Topper! If you did check out more DIY ideas below!



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