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DIY Patriotic Pinwheels

As you all probably know by now, I love to make patriotic crafts! When this time of year rolls around and I can let my patriotic side flow, my ideas seem endless. I loved the patriotic scrapbook paper I came across and knew it would look amazing for this DIY Patriotic Pinwheels craft! I hope you follow along and enjoy it enough to give one a shot too!


Patriotic Scrapbook Papers
Paper Brads
5.5 inch Square
Glue Stick
Bamboo Skewers

First, I measured and cut piece of the scrapbook paper the same size as the 5.5 inch square.

Second, I cut from each corner of the square about a 1/4 away.

Third, I folded over the left side of each triangle towards the center, using a glue stick to secure each piece. This would also work with double sided scrapbook paper, and may be easier but it you don’t have that, this will work.

Fourth, I poked a hole into the center and secured all of the pieces using the paper brad. I repeated this process with three different patriotic scrapbook papers.

Fifth, I painted three of the bamboo skewers, using the almondine, deep burgundy, and deep midnight blue paints.

Finally, I glued each of the painted skewers to the back of one of the pinwheels, using hot glue.

Here they are all finished, how do you think they turned out? I absolutely love these, and they look amazing as plant pokes too! You could display them however you choose, but I thought they looked perfect like this. I think I may keep this set for myself, and craft another set to bring into my craft booth. They took so little time to make that making another set would be easy! I hope you give these DIY Patriotic Pinwheels a go for yourselves too!

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