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DIY Poison Apple

I love Halloween! It’s such a fun holiday, especially for crafting. There are so many fun and spooky ways you can make crafts that incorporate Halloween! When I saw this idea on Pinterest I had to try it. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this as much as me and give the DIY Poison Apple a try!


Faux Apple- Hobby Lobby
Hot Glue Gun
Lime Green Paint
Black & White Paper Straw
Gloss Clear Coat

First, I used chalk to draw a funny face onto the faux apple.

Second, I used the hot glue to go over my chalk outline to make the face pop out.

Third, I painted the inside of the face with the lime green paint.

Fourth, I gave the face a second coat of the lime green paint.

Fifth, I took the black and white paper straw and attached the poison tag, a raffia bow, hot glued the spider onto the bow and then inserted it into the top of the apple. Once that was done I spayed the entire apple down with a gloss clear coat to give it the shine.

Here is the final project! I think it came out super cute! This was such an easy and fun craft to make! There were so many different things I could have done with this but, I think this came out amazing! Do you think you’ll give this DIY Poison Apple a try for yourself?

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