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DIY Pottery Barn Pumpkin Ghost Dupe

Halloween is a blast to create projects for and I loved making this DIY Pottery Barn Pumpkin Ghost Dupe. This has been going around the Internet and everyone has their take on it. I decided to do one too! Who doesn’t love to make ghosts for Halloween? This was such an easy project and took no time at all. I really hope that you’ll give this one a try for yourself!


Dollar Tree Car Cloth
Candle Holder – mine is a thrift store find
Black Felt
Mini Pumpkin – Dollar General 
Styrofoam Ball
Hot Glue

First, I took the styrofoam ball and hot glued it to the thrift store find candle holder.

Second, I draped the car cloth over the styrofoam ball to create the ghost look.

Third, I cut out the oval shapes to make eyes, then hot glued them to the ghost head.

Finally, I hot glued the mini pumpkin into the make shift hands of the ghost to look like he’s holding it.

Here is the final project, what do you think? I think he came out adorable. Making crafts for Halloween is so much fun and I love to create with pumpkins and ghosts! I hope you enjoyed this DIY Pottery Barn Pumpkin Ghost Dupe and give one a try too!

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