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DIY Primitive Ghost

I’m back creating more Halloween projects! I love the Fall months and Halloween especially! There are so many fun and creative things to make and I love to make ghosts as much as I can! This DIY Primitive Ghost was such a blast to make and I hope you enjoy enough to try one of your own!


Old Spool/Bobbin
Muslin – coffee dyed
Cheese Cloth – coffee dyed
Styrofoam Ball
Stamps – Stars and Moon and boo
Stamp Ink- Yellow and Orange 
Black Paint
Witch Hat
Rusty Star
Rusty Bell and Pin
Tag – Coffee Dyed
Skeleton Key

First, I hot glued the styrofoam ball to the top of the old spool.

Second, I created the head in the coffee dyed Muslin. I did this so that I could then use the star and moon stamps in yellow and orange to stamp everywhere but on where the ghost head will end up.

Third, I put a layer of coffee dyed cheese cloth over the styrofoam ball and covered that with the now stamped Muslin cloth. Then I put the elastic around the bottom of the styrofoam ball to create the head and body of the ghost.

Fourth, I painted on the eyes and mouth using black paint.

Fifth, I used a piece of twine to attach the coffee dyed boo tag and skeleton key around the neck of the ghost.

Finally, I took the witch hat and wrapped a piece of the coffee dyed cheese cloth around the base, securing it with hot glue. Then I attache the rusty bell to that using the rusty pin. After those were on, I attached the rusty star to the side using hot glue. When I finished with that I sat the witch hat on the ghosts head.

Here is the final result, what do you think? I love how he came out! Halloween is so much fun to make crafts for and ghosts are one of my favorite projects to do! There are always so many fun and exciting things to make with ghosts and most can be fairly inexpensive and a blast too! I hope you enjoy this DIY Primitive Ghost and give one a try too!

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