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DIY Primitive Witch Hat

Halloween is such a fun Holiday to create for! I loved making this DIY Primitive Witch Hat come to life with my ideas! Witches, ghosts, and pumpkins are some of my favorite things to make for Halloween and this witch hat was a blast! I hope you like this, and give one a try too!


Paper Mache Witch Hat – Joann’s
Cheese Cloth – Coffee Dyed
Coffee Dyed Tag
Rusty Star Garland
Vintage Spool or Candle Stick
Black Paint
Rusty Bell & Safety Pin
Sweet Annie

First, I painted the whole witch hat black. Let dry.

Second, I covered a section of the witch hat with Mod Podge.

Third, I cut strips of the Muslin to cover the hat with, and laid them over the Mod Podge. I wanted to give the witch hat the textured fabric look rather than the smooth look the paper mache hat had.

Fourth, I continued with the process of applying Mod Podge, then securing the cut strips of Muslin until the entire hat was covered.

Fifth, I cleaned up all the edges around the rim of the witch hat.

Sixth, I painted the whole witch hat black.

Seventh, while the black paint was still wet, I sprinkled cinnamon in some places around the hat. I made sure to get some around the rim, and the point as well. After I had the cinnamon where I wanted it I blotted it with more black paint.

Eighth, I wrapped the rusty star garland from the base of the witch hat upwards ending at the tip.

Ninth, I tied a length of the coffee dyed cheese cloth around the base of the witch hat leaving enough to hang over.

Finally, I stamped the coffee dyed tag with what I wanted it to say, then used the rusty safety pin to attach the rusty bell and the tag to the cheese cloth. Lastly I tucked a bit of Sweet Annie under the tag and cheese cloth for a little finishing touch! Once I was done, I set the witch hat atop of a vintage spool, which I thought was the perfect base for this!

Here it is all finished, what do you think? Making crafts for Halloween is so much fun, with all the ways you can get creative! This DIY Primitive Witch Hat was one of my favorite pieces that I’ve done so far this season! I hope you enjoyed this enough to give one a shot too!

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