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DIY Rustic Christmas Tree

I love Christmas trees; they are one of the things that I love about Christmas. I’ve seen a bunch of these cute triangle shaped trees and I wanted to make my own! A good friend of mine cut me out a few triangles out of wood! Yay! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them at first, then the other day out of nowhere I got an idea! Here is that idea! Follow along as I make the DIY Rustic Christmas Tree!


Wooden Tree Shape (Triangle) I had a friend cut
Wood Cube – Dollar Tree
Wooden Dowel
Snowflake Stencil
Antique Wax
Green Paint
Petroleum Jelly
White Chalk Paint
Rusty Bell

First I used one of those wooden cubes from Dollar Tree and a dowel. Using a drill bit the size of the dowel I chose; I drilled a hole on the bottom of the tree and into the wooden cube!

Second, I stained all my pieces with my antique wax. Then put them together, I used wood glue to hold them together.

Third, I painted the tree a dark green. Once it was dry, I sanded it down.

Fourth, using petroleum jelly aka Vaseline, I added some to different places all over the tree. Once you have it all where you want, grab your chalk paint and put one thick layer over the whole tree. Allow to dry, when it is almost dry use a scraper to scrape off the excess white paint and the paint that is not going to stick from the jelly. Let, dry completely, I used a heat gun to speed up the process.

Fifth, I took my snowflake stencil, spackling and spreader and added snowflakes on the tree. To do this, you lay the stencil on your project, spread the spackling over it using a spreader and pull it up, while wet.

Sixth, I painted the base cube in the same green as the tree and I also sanded that after the paint dried. Then used the same stencil and spackling to put a snowflake on the front of the cube.

Finally, I added a twine bow with a rusty bell in the center, right at the base of the tree. That is it, all done!!

How stinkin’ cute did this DIY Rustic Christmas Tree turn out! I ABSOLUTELY love it!!

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