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DIY Rustic Nautical Sign

One of my favorite things about Summer is beach days. It’s not quite that warm yet though unfortunately. I was inspired for this project by something I had seen on Pinterest! So when I was poking around Dollar Tree the other day I saw some cute stuff that I knew I could throw together for the beach themed project I had seen! Then at least I can pretend I’m at the beach, while making it lol. Follow along with me for a DIY Rustic Nautical Sign.


Wood Sign- Family Dollar

Relax Sign- Dollar Tree

Stencil- Dollar Tree

Beach Life Stencil- Walmart

Anchors- Dollar Tree

Wood House- Dollar Tree

Craft Sticks- Dollar Tree

Shell- Dollar Tree

Brown Antique Wax

Rope- Dollar Tree

First start by covering your entire wood sign with antique wax, allow it to fully dry. Once wax has dried, take your white paint and dry brush over the entire sign. Then go ahead and add nautical shapes with a stencil all over the sign with your white paint and the words “Beach Life”.

Second, I took one of the mini houses from Dollar Tree and covered it with craft sticks using glue. Once it was dried, I cut the sticks to the shape of the house.

Third, I painted all my accessories. My anchors and relax sign and the little house. I also took a craft stick and cut it up to make a door and roof for my mini house, I also used a shell at the top of the house. Once i had them all painted, I had a change of heart about some colors of the relax sign and one of the anchors. One anchor I changed to a teal instead of both being navy blue.

Here is what I changed the relax sign to, I just liked these colors better than the previous ones.

Finally, I glued my pieces onto the board and then wrapped some nautical rope around the anchors. I think it turned out so cute, I absolutely love it! It would look amazing in a beach house, or even for a beach lover! Do you think you’ll make this DIY Rustic Nautical Sign?

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