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DIY Shutter Makeover

Here we go again, another thrift store makeover!! If you can’t tell I spend a lot of time at thrift store, flea markets, antique stores and yard sales! I LOVE the treasure hunt, it is so much fun to see what I can find! For this project, I used an old shutter that I have had for a few years, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with just yet. Well, one day my local thrift store posted these baskets pictured below on Facebook and an idea was born!! Follow along for this DIY Shutter Makeover, it turned out so cute!

Here is the old shutter and the baskets that I used. I also grabbed a can of white spray paint, some burlap, ribbon, a metal star and some faux geraniums.

Step one, I scrapped off the excess brown paint and sanded a little bit. I wasn’t worried about getting it all smooth, I wanted a slight rustic look. Once that was done, I painted it white using spray paint and I did two coats.

Second, I lined each basket with burlap and added the faux geraniums. Then I wrapped a bow around each basket.

Third I hung each basket from its hanger right onto the shutter slats.

The center looked a little plain after I had hung a basket form the top and bottom, so I added this star in the center. It really made it look fully put together. Then I was done!! I love how easy this DIY was!

I love how it turned out and how it is so bright, yet so rustic!! It is a great addition to my Patriotic porch!! You can also change out the florals for the seasons too! It is always fund to make over thrift store finds and even better when they can be used for more than one season! I hope you enjoyed this DIY shutter makeover!

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  1. Paula Blair says:

    Absolutely love this shutter craft. It is so versatile and can be changed from season to season. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, Janice!

  2. So cute!
    Where do you get the baskets?

  3. Dawn Taylor says:

    Whet did you get the baskets?
    This is so nice…

  4. Just found you on Hometalk and love your creativity and ingenuity. Will be leaving my email to be on your mailing list. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful work and craftsmanship.

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