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DIY Spring Carrot House

If you know me, you know my love for mini houses! I just absolutely LOVE them! They are so fun to create with and can be transformed to any decor style and season! This mini house I wanted to do something fun for spring and easter, I had this vision and I made it come true! It is so satisfying when you can take an idea and transform it into exactly what you visualized! Come follow along as we take these supplies and turn it into a DIY Spring Carrot House!

Carrot House Supplies, paint, mini wood house, scrapbook paper, greenery


Mini Wood House – Dollar Tree
Mini Wood Carrots – Dollar Tree
Scrapbook Paper
Brown Antique Wax
Paints- White, Orange, Green

Here is your list of supplies, grab them all and let’s get started!

painted wooden house and carrots

First things first, we need to paint all our pieces! I painted the house white, just using some white acrylic paint. Then I painted the mini carrots orange on the bottom and then green on the tops, again with acrylic paints.

wooden house and scrapbook paper cut to fit house

Second step is to trace your house onto your choice of scrapbook paper and Mod Podge it onto your house. I sanded any excess paper on the edges to make them smooth. I chose this fun orange polka dot paper; I thought it would be fun and it would match the carrots perfectly!

wooden carrots with greenery at the top

Third step is to take some greenery and glue it to the top of the carrots. Once I had all the pieces on the top I wrapped just under them with twine a few times and glue it in place. Lastly, I took some brown wax and rubbed it onto the bottom of the carrots and gave them an antiqued look.

mini wood carrots glued to house.

Once I had the carrots all done, I took them and glued them stacked on the bottom right corner of the mini house. I put two on the bottom layer and then put the third one in the center of the bottom two.

twine added to top of the house

Next, I took some twine and wrapped it around the top of the house, kind of staggering it. I wrapped it quite a few times and secured it on the back with glue.

twine bow on mini wooden house

Finally, I took some twine and made a bow by wrapping it around my fingers and then tying it in the center with another piece of twine. I glued that onto the twine I had wrapped around the house, and then added a button to the center.

finished Spring Carrot house

That is, it, all finished! I think this turned out sooo ADORABLE!! It came out some much better than I expected, I had the vision, but the finished product came out so much better than I thought it would! This was such an easy project and is perfect for Spring and Easter!

finished Spring Carrot house

Hope you enjoyed this project and that it has inspired you to make your own version! Do you think you’ll make this DIY Spring Carrot House!!

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