Spring is finally here, thank goodness. Even though we still have some snow on the ground up where I live just knowing that the weather is warming up and it will all start to melt puts a smile on this girls face. So before we are all running out the door to enjoy the weather let’s get some cute crafts done for the season. Follow along with me for a DIY Spring Chick.


Wooden Chick

Scrapbook Paper

White Paint

Brown Antique Wax


Small Flowers

Fabric Scrap




First lets start off by painting the chick with our white paint and the base with your brown antique wax. More than one coat could be necessary.

Next go ahead and trace the chick onto your scrapbook paper. Once you cut the paper out grab some Mod Podge and attach it to the chick.

Now take your greenery and attach it to the base of the chicks feet using some hot glue. Then add your small flowers onto the center of the greenery, also using hot glue.

Finally using your fabric scrap and your ribbon, make a bow to attach with hot glue to the center of the neck of the chick. Once the bow is attached go ahead and add your button to the center of the bow and your tag underneath the bow.

This little project came out so much cuter than I had expected it to. It looks absolutely adorable on my hutch with all the rest of my Spring decor. Do you think you will make a DIY Spring Chick?

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