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DIY Stamped Spring Frame

Thankfully Spring is right around the corner, because lets be honest I have had enough of the cold and the snow. So just maybe if we start crafting now it will bring the warmer weather quicker. I saw this cute little frame at Dollar Tree and knew there was no reason that it couldn’t be turned into something adorable for the upcoming season. Follow along with me for a DIY Stamped Spring Frame.


Mini House Frame- Dollar Tree

Muslin Fabric

Bird Stamp- Dollar Tree

Lace Ribbon- Dollar Tree

Flower- Had on hand

Paint- Celery

Mod Podge

We are going to start out by first taking the glass out of the frame. Go ahead and set that aside we will be using it soon. Then paint the house frame with your celery colored paint. Be sure to completely cover, and if needed add a second coat.

Next cut out a piece of Muslin fabric to the size of the glass from the frame, attach directly to the glass using Mod Podge. Once the Muslin is secured take the bird stamp and add it to the center of the fabric.

Now add a piece of lace ribbon to the bottom of the frame as well as above the glass. I used mine as a divider to make the roof separate from the house part of the frame.

Finally go ahead and hot glue your flower to the top center of the roof of the frame. With this final step you are all set. This little project was not only super quick and easy, but it came out adorable. Not only can you display this for Spring but you could most definitely display this piece all year long. Do you think you will make a DIY Stamped Spring Frame?

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