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DIY Succulent Bathtub

Having cute little plants around the house always makes everything a little bit brighter. Not to mention who doesn’t like plants that you don’t have to tend to, I know I don’t have time to remember to water plants. So why not craft some that look just like the real thing. Follow along with me for a DIY Succulent Bathtub.


Tub from thrift store (was a soap dish)

Succulents- Dollar Tree

Spanish Moss- Dollar Tree

Floral Foam- Dollar Tree

Start by filling the soap dish with the floral foam. Use small cut pieces to fill it in as best you can without any major gaps.

Next add some of the Spanish moss to the top of the floral foam. You can use a little hot glue to hold it in place if you are worried about it falling out.

Now add the succulents that you chose to the bath tub. You can use as many as you would like and whatever kinds you like that fit into your style.

This little project came out so cute and was super simple to make. The supplies were inexpensive and it can be worked into any room in the house. Do you think you will make a DIY Succulent Bathtub?

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  1. Julie Speaker says:

    Sooo cute! I need a tub!!

  2. Teresa Geck says:

    So adorable! Would go great in my bathroom as I have a claw foot tub!

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