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DIY Thrifted Terrarium

I absolutely love it when I find amazing items at the Thrift store, that I can turn into something beautiful! When I found this terrarium at my local thrift store I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it! I couldn’t wait to get it home and make it something of my own! I hope you enjoy this DIY Thrifted Terrarium and find something similar that you can turn into your own beautiful terrarium too!


Thrifted Terrarium
Small Rocks ~ Joann’s 

First, I used the small rocks I found at Joann’s and filled the bottom of the terrarium with them.

Second, I placed a succulent I decided to use into the center of the small rocks.

Finally, I used the last of the succulents I picked out, making sure they were spaced the way I liked.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t believe I found such a beautiful piece at the thrift store that I could turn into this amazing DIY Thrifted Terrarium! The shape and the glass bring so much fun to this terrarium, I can’t wait to get this into my craft booth! Hopefully everyone will enjoy this DIY and I hope you are able to find something just as amazing to bring your own terrarium to life too!

As many of you know I have rented a new booth space in a local shop here in New England, and have started creating for my booth. I will be sharing my creations on my blog and on my social media. We can talk about what sold and what didn’t, what is working and what is not. After we can talk about my adventures with my new booth!  I have previously had a booth for 15 years in a different location and while I did well it just wasn’t a fit for me any more. I’m excited to see where my new journey takes me and hoping to share my knowledge along the way!

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